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If you are concerned about your surgical environment and your patient’s quality of care, Yuma Surgery Center can offer you the latest in technology and the assistance of caring professionals to create a superior surgical experience. We offer our surgeons two state of the art surgical suites with time-efficient turnover and the following technological equipment:

Alcon CENTURION® Vision System

Experience the innovative phacoemulsification platform that is redefining the standard of performance in cataract surgery. The CENTURION® Vision System introduces a number of proprietary features designed to improve patient outcomes, enhance surgical control and provide a smoother procedure overall. Now, cataract surgery will never be the same.

Alcon LenSx® The LenSx®

Laser was the first femtosecond laser cleared for use in cataract surgery. Now, the LenSx® Laser System continues to lead the way in refractive cataract surgery through continual upgrades, ensuring surgeons have access to ongoing innovations in image-guided control, lens fragmentation, corneal incisions and software. It all adds up to a refractive cataract surgery procedure that's smarter, better, faster.

Alcon LuxOR™ LX3 with Q-VUE™ Ophthalmic Microscope

Alcon LuxOR™ LX3 with Q-VUE™ Ophthalmic Microscope is part of The Cataract Refractive Suite by Alcon, a unique combination of technologies at the forefront of cataract refractive surgery. Expanded visual field with a 6x-larger, highly stable red reflex zone, Less focus adjustment throughout the procedure, Excellent visual detail and contrast, including superior visualization of the retina, and Provides a 3-D stereo assistant scope.

The VISULAS® YAG III from Carl Zeiss

The VISULAS® YAG III from Carl Zeiss is a milestone in the development of practice-oriented photodisruption laser systems. It brings together latest generation optical experience and technological excellence and provides maximum ease of use with the lowest possible amount of patient stress. The VISULAS YAG III is used for applications like posterior capsulotomy and iridotomy as well as IOL polishing.

IRIDEX IQ 532 ™ Laser System

Dual port green laser for comprehensive ophthalmology. NEW- MicroPulse™ Laser Therapy for repeatable, tissue-sparing* glaucoma and retinal therapies High power for greater range of therapy alternatives, Dual port for efficient setup of alternate delivery devices. Repeatable laser sessions for retinal diseases with optional MicroPulse module.

The VISULAS® 532s from Carl Zeiss

The VISULAS® 532s from Carl Zeiss is a powerful, diode-pumped solid-state laser. Its built-in thermoelectric cooling system ensures excellent temporal stability of the laser power and thus meets the requirements for reproducible clinical results. The VISULAS 532s is designed in particular for retinal photocoagulation, trabeculoplasty and iridotomy for treatment of glaucoma. The VISULAS 532s with the VITE option is mainly used for multi-spot panretinal and grid photocoagulation.

Our skilled and knowledgeable nurses and technicians provide excellent care and assistance to ensure successful surgical outcomes for our patients. Our courteous and experienced office staff is in touch with our patients to ensure that our patient’s surgical procedure is optimally coordinated. We also offer a bilingual staff at our reception desk as well as our pre-op and post-op areas. As the Administrator of Yuma Surgery Center, it would be my pleasure to escort you on a tour of our Center to discuss how you and your patients will benefit from the performance of your surgical procedures here. On behalf of myself and the staff of Yuma Surgery Center, we look forward to meeting and exceeding your surgical needs and expectations. Please feel free to contact me at 928-329-5011 to discuss your surgical needs. Sincerely, Dulce Cisneros, Administrator